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Windows Collaboration Display


Windows collaboration displays from Sharp

Collaboration & Meeting Effectiveness.


Meetings should be simple and all about working together easily. The Windows collaboration display from Sharp allows you to efficiently and intuitively collaborate in real-time, by combining the best of Microsoft 365 collaboration tools with Sharp’s award-winning professional displays, all backed by the cloud for quick and easy collaboration.

Presentation screen with Tablet
Microsoft Teams

Walk In. Plug In.

Start Collaborating.

Office 365 Collaboration in an office

Why waste 12 minutes of your time with room set up for your next meeting. The Windows collaboration display from Sharp allows for room scale optimization regardless of team size or diverse locations. It’s optimized to help your teams connect, collaborate and perform, using the same Windows applications that they’re accustomed to, and transforming your day-to-day personal experience to room scale.

Collect Real-Time Data

To Make Real-Time Decisions.

Imagine a collaboration or meeting space where the interactive display automatically determines how many people are in the meeting—then adjusts the room’s temperature, lighting and air quality for optimal comfort.

Sensors for Motion, Temperature, Light and Air Quality

sensor icons

The Windows collaboration display from Sharp is not only optimized to regulate the environmental conditions in the meeting space, it can connect to Azure IoT Smart Spaces so that facility managers can collect real-time room data to make real-time decisions.

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