A file on a computer can be sent via the machine as a fax (PC-Fax function). Faxes are sent using the PC-Fax function in the same way that documents are printed. Select the PC-Fax driver as the printer driver for your computer and then select the Print command in the application. Image data for transmission will be created and sent as a fax.

By using the "Log Viewer" application, faxes can be sent using the transmission log displayed in the Log Viewer.
For the procedures for using this function, see the PC-Fax driver Help.
  • To use the PC-Fax function, the PC-Fax driver must be installed. For more information, see "Software Setup Guide".
  • This function can only be used on a Windows® computer.
Only transmission is available for this function. Faxes cannot be received by your computer.
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