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The Skywell®: Big Advantages, Small Footprint

Is the price we pay for the convenience of bottled water worth it? See how Skywell is changing the sustainability of our planet through atmospheric water generation.

Skywell®: The Better Option for the Office Environment

Find out why Skywell water dispenser is the better option for the office environment in this infographic explaining the differences between the Skywell and a traditional water cooler.

How to Use Digital Signage in a Hotel

How can digital signage be used effectively in the hospitality setting? Here are the top 10 ways to bring a hotel to the next level of communication and interactivity!

5 Key Differences Between TVs and Professional Displays

As consumer TVs and professional display products are becoming increasingly similar in design, each product has special features for specific usage. Here are the basic differences between the two.

Top 5 Benefits of Digital Signage in Retail Stores

Retail stores can use digital signage in numerous ways to help increase sales. See five examples of how digital signage can attract the attention of customers including social media, content editing, data collection, increased recall and strategic placement.

Are you making the most of your MFP?

With so many features, where do you start? Here are 3 ways that you can make the most of your MFP.

Does Your Office Take Data Security Seriously?

See how your office stacks up against the rest with these 6 ways to tell if your office takes data seriously.

4 Reasons Why Every Small Business Needs an MFP

Your business is important to you, and Sharp MFPs are here to help. Here are 4 reasons why your small business can benefit from having an MFP.

Where to Find Digital Signage in a University

Professional and interactive displays can offer a variety of information in a university campus setting for students and faculty. Here are six examples of where to find digital signage in a university and how they can be used.

5 Ways Your Printer Just Got…

Wondering how your printer can enhance not only your office, but your business? Here are 5 ways Sharp MFPs make that happen.

Where to Find Digital Signage in a Hospital

Professional and interactive displays can offer a variety of information in a hospital setting for patients, visitors and staff members. Here are five examples of where to find digital signage in a hospital and how they can be used.

How Will You Use Your Sharp PN-L401C AQUOS BOARD® Interactive Display System?

The versatile, award-winning Sharp 40" Class (39.5" diagonal) PN-L401C AQUOS BOARD interactive display system can enhance your space in many ways. Here are some examples.

What Makes Sharp Pen-on-Paper a Unique Experience?

All interactive displays are not created equally. Here's what makes the Sharp AQUOS BOARD® interactive display system stand out with the Pen-on-Paper experience not found in other interactive whiteboards.

Outsourcing to Insourcing

See how you can benefit from bringing your print needs in-house with this informative infographic!

Benefits of Open Platform Interactive Displays in the Classroom

What impact do open platform interactive displays have on student learning? Find out the advantages for students, instructors and school systems when this technology is available in classrooms.

Evolution of Sharp Touch Screen Technology

How has Sharp touch screen technology evolved since its debut in 2011? View the evolution timeline of every AQUOS BOARD® interactive display system since its inception and what features they offer.

Paper vs. Digital: The Benefits of Each Changing Medium

Choosing between paper or digital mediums can be a very daunting task in an evolving technological environment. This infographic weighs out the benefits of each medium, helping you to make the best decision for your business!

5 Tips for Cultivating an Environmentally-Friendly Office

Is your office committed to being a more environmentally sustainable business with a lower impact on the planet? If so, or if you're just getting started, here are 5 tips for cultivating an environmentally-friendly office.

6 Things To Know Before Buying Your Next Office Copier

Choosing your office copier can be very overwhelming. Here are 6 key things to know before making your next big purchase.

Where You Can Find Digital Signage

Sharp has built up quite a library of success stories over recent years. Many of these case studies and videos, are now featured in a fun infographic. The infographic is designed as a virtual town representing an average American town. Users can click on any building, including a school, police department, clothing store and many others to see how Sharp enhanced communications through digital signage.

Transform Learning Spaces with Interactive Whiteboards in Education

Educators are tasked each and every day with the challenge of engaging their students in a classroom setting. This infographic will highlight six key ways that educators and students can optimize interactive whiteboards for an innovative and collaborative learning experience.

IT Pro Guide Infographic

Choosing the right multifunctional printer (MFP) can be challenging. This recent Spiceworks survey of 160 IT pros across industries reveals the key factors IT pros consider when assessing MFPs.

Network Security Infographic

Download this infographic to learn about the common vulnerabilities of unsecured MFPs/printers, MFP security features that fight back and how you can protect your assets from vulnerability.

SHARP Scan2™ Infographic

Download this infographic to learn how to double your productivity with Scan2 technology from SHARP.


Workflow Solutions for Education

Download this informative resource to learn how both students and educators can gain powerful workflow capabilities with the SHARP color Advanced Series.

Workflow Solutions for Government Services

Learn how you can gain powerful workflow capabilities and help meet regulatory compliance for government with this informative resource on the SHARP color Advanced Series.

Workflow Solutions for Healthcare

This informative resource helps walk you through the process of gaining extended document security and powerful workflow capabilities in healthcare environments with the SHARP color Advanced Series.

Workflow Solutions for Legal Services

Let us help you learn how you can gain powerful document processing capabilities and help meet regulatory compliance with the SHARP color Advanced Series.

AQUOS BOARD® Education Guide

It’s often a challenge for educators to keep students engaged in the classroom. SHARP AQUOS BOARD® interactive display systems are designed to enhance collaboration. Download this handy flyer to see how AQUOS BOARD® interactive display can optimize the classroom experience.

IT Reference Guide

As an Information Technology professional, you are no doubt faced with a unique set of challenges that pull you in many different and often conflicting directions.

Sharp Security Guide

Organizations of all sizes rely on a vast array of technologies to help make daily activities and communication more efficient. Adoption of new platforms such as mobile and cloud, can increase the frequency and complexity of security challenges.

Why IT Professionals Love the SHARP AQUOS BOARD® Interactive Display

How does a SHARP AQUOS BOARD®interactive display system go hand-in-hand with IT professionals? Here’s a look at the three main reasons why IT personnel love this product for making their lives easier.