• 70" Class (69-1/2” diagonal) Interactive Display System
  • 4K Ultra-HD UV2A Edge Lit LCD Screen
  • Capactive Touch Screen with Direct Bonding Technology
  • Intel® Mini-OPS Expansion Slot supports the optional PN-ZB03H HDBaseT™ 2.0 and PN-ZB03W Wireless Expansion Boards
  • 30-Point Multi-Touch Screen for up to 4 Simultaneous Users
  • SHARP Display Connect Software Included for Easy Connectivity with Mobile Devices
  • Crestron Connected™ Compatibility
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty
  • Built-In 10W per Channel Stereo Audio System
  • Enhanced Writing Surface with Improved Fingerprint and Scratch Resistance
  • Touch Viewer Software provides Easy Manipulation of Multiple File Types**


Sharp’s PN-L705H interactive touchscreen display featuring 4K*** resolution, enhances the Sharp AQUOS BOARD® LCD monitor lineup. Stunning 4K Ultra-HD resolution reproduces your content accurately with incredibly precise rendering of color and detail. It offers the Pen-on-Paper® user experience promised by the Sharp AQUOS BOARD series, providing revolutionary writing comfort close to actually using a pen to write on real paper. The PN-L705H can play an especially valuable role in the architecture, design, and video industries, as well as in museums and libraries, all of which require precise detail and superior interactivity. With the highly advanced feature set of 4K, direct bonding, and capacitive touch technologies, Sharp takes you to the next level.

*** (3,840 x 2,160 pixel resolution)

*Screen image simulated.

**Available for download via included download application.








Class Size (Inch) 60/70 60/70 60/70 60/70 70 80
Resolution Full-HD Full-HD Full-HD Full-HD 4K Full-HD
Viewing Angle (H/V) 160° / 160° 176° / 176° 160° / 160° 160° / 160° 176° / 176° 176° / 176°
Protection Glass / Thickness Y / 3.4mm Y / 3.1mm Y / 3.0mm Y / 3.0mm
Y / 3.4mm
Y / 1.9mm Y / 3.8mm
Anti-Glare Y Y Y Y Y Y
Fingerprint Resistant Y Y Y Y Y Y
Scratch Resistant Y Y Y Y Y Y
Touch Technology IR IR IR IR Capacitive Capacitive
Max. # of Touch Points 6 10 10 10 30 10
Max. # of Simultaneous Users 4 4 4 4 4 4
Passive Pen / # included Y / 1 Y / 1 Y / 1 N N N
Wireless Touch Pen / # included N N OPT Y / 1 Y / 1 Y / 2
Multi-Board Pen Software N N N N N Y
Touch Viewer Software N Y N Y Y Y
PC VESA Mounting N Y Y Y Y Y
Front Facing Stereo Speakers N N Y Y Y Y
Rear Facing Stereo Speakers Y Y N N N N
Touch On-Screen Display N N Y Y Y Y
Front facing Power Button N Y Y Y Y Y
USB Port / # Fixed Cable Y / 1 Y / 2 Y / 2 Y / 2 Y / 2
Front Facing USB Port N N N N Y Y
DisplayPort in/Out N N Y Y Y Y
LAN Control N N Y Y Y Y
Removable Installation Handles N Y Y Y Y Y
Connector location Rear Bottom & Side Bottom & Side Bottom & Side Bottom & Side Bottom & Side
Camera Mount / # locations N Y / 3 Y / 3 Y / 3 Y / 7 Y / 7
Standard Warranty 3-Yrs 3-Yrs 3-Yrs 3-Yrs 3-Yrs 3-Yrs
Optional Warranty 4th & 5th-Yr 4th & 5th-Yr 4th & 5th-Yr 4th & 5th-Yr 4th & 5th-Yr 4th & 5th-Yr
Rated Usage 16/7 16/7 24/7 24/7 24/7 24/7
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PN-L705H | PN-L805H Brochure Download
PN-L805H Operation Manual Download
PN-L805H Quick Start Setup Guide Download
Sharp Display Connect User Guide Download
Sharp Display Connect Chromebook Operation Manual Download
PN-ZL06 Touch Pen Manual Download
Touch Pen Management Tool Operation Manual Download
Sharp Pen Software User Manual Download
Touch Panel Driver For Mac OS User Manual Download
Information Display Downloader Version Download
macOS Touch Panel Driver Version - Compatible with macOS 10.12 | 10.13 | 10.14 Download