• 70" Class (69-1/2” diagonal) Interactive Display System
  • Multi-User – Up to 4 Simultaneous Users
  • SHARP Display Connect Software Included for Easy Connectivity with Mobile Devices
  • SHARP Touch Viewer™ Software provides Easy Manipulation of Multiple File Types**
  • Brilliant High Definition (1,920 x 1,080) Edge Lit LED Display
  • 10-Point Multi-Touch Screen
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty
  • Built-In 10W per Channel Stereo Audio System
  • Direct Bonding Technology for Smooth Touch and Clear Visibility
  • Enhanced Writing Surface with Improved Fingerprint and Scratch Resistance


Now it's easy to engage and inspire everyone in the room. With the Sharp PN-C705B AQUOS BOARD®interactive display system, you have the ideal focal point for meetings, presentations, or lessons. Direct bonding technology makes the touchscreen feel and appear impressively natural. Smart and convenient SHARP Pen Software enables real-time information sharing. Thanks to multi-touch sensitivity, up to four people can write freely onscreen at the same time for effective and lively exchanges. And handy front-access buttons enable quick operation of common functions. With a PN-C705B interactive display, it's easy to create, learn and share more effectively.







Class Size (Inch) 70 70 70 70 80
Wireless BYOD Connectivity N N N Y N
2 x 2 Split-Screen Display N N N Y N
Direct Drawing Function N N N Y N
Protection Glass / Thickness Y / 3.4mm Y / 3.1mm Y / 3.4mm Y / 3.4mm Y / 3.1mm
Touch Technology IR IR IR IR IR
Max. # of Touch Points 6 10 10 10 10
Passive Pen / # included Y / 1 Y/1 Y / 1 N Y/1
Wireless Touch Pen / # included N N OPT Y / 1 N
Multi-Board Pen Software N N N N N
Touch Viewer Software N Y N Y Y
Front Facing Stereo Speakers N N Y Y N
Touch On-Screen Display N N Y Y N
USB Port / # Fixed Cable Y / 1 Y / 2 Y / 2 Y / 1
Front Facing USB Port N N N N N
DisplayPort in/Out N N Y Y N
LAN Control N N Y Y N
Removable Installation Handles N Y Y Y Y
Connector location Rear Bottom & Side Bottom & Side Bottom & Side Bottom & Side
Camera Mount / # locations N Y/3 Y/3 Y/3 Y/3
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